Ql Series Hydrogen Generator Large Type

General Product Information:

QL Series Hydrogen Generator Large type1.Features:1.No longer need to use dangerous and expensive hydrogen cylinders.2.Generate 99.9999% ultra pure hydrogen continuously or on demand.3.High reliability, space saving.4.High purity hydrogen, stable output flow, safe and convenient to operate, various alarm devices (sensor alarm, overpressure alarm, hydrogen permeation alarm, hydrogen leak alarm, water accumulated alarm, water overfall alarm, water shortage alarm, oxygen permeation alarm, water over -temperature alarm ).5.This product can be customized to be powered by solar/wind Generator.2.Application: 1. Power station cooling Systems.2. Hydrogenation, restoring protection, metal smelting and heat treatment.3. Under any circumstance that needing large and ultra pure hydrogen gas.4. Hydrogen Stations.3.Model and specification:Model QL-5000 QL-10000 QL-17000 QL-22000 QL-34000Output Flow(L/min) 0-5 0-10 0-17 0-22 0-34Water Tank Volume(L) 15 30 60Output Pressure(MPa) 0.05-0.4(Conventional Type)Or 1-5(High Pressure Type)Hydrogen Purity (%) More than 99.999Power Voltage (V) AC 220V\380V 60HZ AC 380V 60HZPower Consumption(Kw) 2 4 7.2 8.8 14Dimension(L×W×H mm) 1035×550×1100 1035×550×1500 1650×550×1900


Industry:Laboratory Industry
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Type:Selling Offer

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