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Customized Product1. Hydrogen and Oxygen GeneratorsWe launch this kind of equipment to meet demands of customers.The model are from QL-150HO to QL-3000HO. It can collect both hydrogen and oxygen. Please refer to QL Series Hydrogen Generator *l QL-150HO QL-300HO QL-500HO QL-1000HOOutput Flow (ml/min) Hydrogen:0-150Oxygen: 0-75 Hydrogen:0-310Oxygen: 0-150 Hydrogen:0-510Oxygen:0-225 Hydrogen:0-1020Oxygen:0-500Outputpressure(Mpa) Hydrogen :0.02-0.4Mpa.Oxygen:0-0.2Mpa.Purity(%) Hydrogen is 99.999% and Oxygen is 99%.Power(W) 90 150 200 500Voltage(V) AC 110/220V 50-60HzDimension(L×W×H mm) 420×227×352 458×230×380Required water Water resistivity is not less than 1 MOHM/cmWeight(Kg) 15 15 15 202. HHO GeneratorAdopt electrochemistry princiole to turn alternating curent into direct current and generator hydrogen and oxygen through elecrolyzing pure water in electrolysis cell. Hydrogen is taken as fuel while oxygen is takedn as combustion-supporting gas. Hydrogen oxygen fuel is a clean fruel with high temperature and high engergy. It replaces traditional hydrocarbon fuel and is applied to every circumstance needing flame. This generator can both save enegy and reduce emission.It's safer and more efficienty.Features and advantages:1. Protect environment. Replace propane and acetylene. No pullution and no-toxic.2. Safe. With various safety control devices: temperature controller, automatic power off protection, cutomatic gas discharge device,etc.3. Save energy.4. Easy to obtain raw *rial for this equipment is the inexhaustible water.5. High *erature will reach to 800-3000 degree Celsius after igniting mixed hydrogen and oxygen.6. Large gas output flow.Application:Steel welding and cutting, ship building and repairment, boiler, glass polishing,etc.


Industry:Laboratory Industry
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